Have You Seen It? Take A Look!!

This story is about Marrie a young girl who is inspired by looking at the night lights in the sky. She is mesmerized by the many stars that she tries to count, but seeing the out- standing moon caught her attention as she gaze up in the sky. She then realized that what she is seeing in the sky is in her book. She tries to count the stars with her mother but they are so many, but the moon she realize was one big light that changes at times. She also wonders where the moon goes in the day and she is puzzled that she only sees it during the night.

Have You Seen It? Take A Look!!
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My love for children and teaching is my passion, this has being a motivating factor that spark my inspiration, and led me to reconnect with the ideas to write children’s books.


Donna Coleman
Early Childhood Educator

Donna Coleman, I am a graduate holding a dual master’s ...

14 March

New children’s picture book about the stars and the moon is released to rave reviews

Have You Seen It? Take a Look!!!! by Donna Coleman is available and …

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Funny with amazing pictures. My daughter couldn’t wait to turn the page!
My daughter loves this book especially the pictures.She loves tracing the illustrations on all the pages. She’s always had a fascination with the moon and stars, but what I found was that she really admires that the little girl in the book that looks just like her! The words are easy enough for her to read to me but she always asks me to read it with her.
Please make some more books, I’m sure she’d appreciate a collection.

− Dally_Jessica