Funny with amazing pictures. My daughter couldn’t wait to turn the page!

My daughter loves this book especially the pictures.She loves tracing the illustrations on all the pages. She’s always had a fascination with the moon and stars, but what I found was that she really admires that the little girl in the book that looks just like her! The words are easy enough for her to read to me but she always asks me to read it with her.

Please make some more books, I’m sure she’d appreciate a collection.

— Dally_Jessica

Very nicely done. We love it.

— Juan K M

Vibrant colors and beautiful illustration. I like the voice of the author, I feel the relationship and what the author brings across to kid. As an individual, I can also make the connection and relate to the setting and the authors experiences . I also like the lesson it is teaching the audience.

— Amazon Customer

Absolutely brilliant! Would certainly recommend reading

The book is very mesmerizing. It helps kids appreciate the world around them including the moon and stars. Absolutely brilliant! Would certainly recommend reading.

— Shirley Logan